Our Philosophy

Philosophy literally means ‘love of wisdom’ and that works for us and who we are.

Our philosophy is our way of thinking about people, business, society and the world. We ask simple questions and consider the connections between them. We focus on the fundamental problems and then work hard to help make a difference.

Here are some examples of how we go about things:

  • People – No two people are completely alike, fact – We approach all of our learning interventions with this mind, no more putting people in coloured boxes or sticking labels on them.
  • Business – Small, medium, large…that doesn’t determine the size of the problem or the solution. We look at things from all angles – commercial, feasibility, sustainability, culture, appetite – to create the solution that is a perfect fit.
  • Society and the world – We are huge fans of the company Patagonia and what they stand for. We may be much smaller but we are no less committed to the environment. That is why we always try to be considerate and sustainable, from using recycled paper in all of our materials to actively reducing our carbon foot-print. We have also emulated their outstanding commitment to donate 1% of Sales (not profit) to grassroot environmental groups.

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