About Us

“We know more about the brain, behaviour and how we learn than ever before in history. It’s time that Learning & Development companies match these advancements to the needs of the modern, multi-generational business, because they aren’t standing still.”

Simon Payne, Founder.

Here at Mind Adrenaline we are passionate about applying new ways of thinking to help people learn and improve their performance.

Much of the theory and methods still used in the training industry date back to the 1960’s, some still have a place, but with advances in neuroscience and cognitive behaviour and our understanding of how everyday pressures have changed along with the impact of technology, we have a duty to match the real needs of the individual with the learning programmes we create.

We have been working in people development since 2004, starting off as an innovative team building company before focussing fully on training and L&D consultancy.

We are proud to have worked with hundreds of organisations and thousands of people, across multiple business sectors, worldwide.